Catching up with our BFF Chuck on “The Balcony”

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It has been almost two months since we last saw Chuck and the gang. Much too long
in my opinion. Yet watching Chuck is like catching up with a best friend you haven’t
seen in a while, there is an instantaneous and automatic connection. The show is
always able to effortlessly draw the audience back in after a midseason or season
break. Given the number of times the show has survived the NBC chopping block, it’s
no surprise that the writers know how to reel us back in for more.

Sarah is one of my favourite characters on TV. I loved the way she commandeered
the proposal. Her relationship with Chuck has really found a rhythm that fits nicely
with the show. It is sometimes tough when a show has to write for a couple that has
a meant to be together type of relationship. I agree that the choice to add tension
into the mix without causing major fault lines in Chara was smart.

In his own way, Morgan is really getting a hang of the whole spy thing. It’s great to
see him as a useful member of the team rather than a distraction. The problem now
is that without a main character tethered to the Buy More, the store and its antics
become less and less crucial to the show. I am conflicted in my thoughts on this. I
have always enjoyed the tomfoolery that goes down in the Buy More, but at this
point it detracts from the main story arcs. There was a definite acknowledgement of
this when the show decided to blow up the store in Season 3. No one wanted to see
the Buy More gone, but it was inevitable. Trying to rejuvenate the store’s presence
with the addition of G.R.E.T.A. did not work out so well. I was happy to see that she/
he didn’t make the cut this episode. Guest stars on Chuck work so much better when
they are actually part of the story, not flaunted on screen for twenty seconds.

Overall, I thought the episode was great. The set up for what’s to come has me on
the edge of my seat. While I love Chuck and Sarah together, I am actually looking
forward to seeing them apart for a little while. Absence makes the heart grow
fonder, and ultimately that ring is going to end up on Sarah’s hand in an even more
sappy, romantic Chuck kind of way.

By the way, does anyone know the countdown to Baby Awesome?

– B

[Update: We have been informed by Em B (@hellodooney) that Grunka Clara Awesome will be arriving in episode 13. Thank you! – S]


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