First Thoughts on Chuck “The Balcony”

Chuck came back in style tonight with a charming trip to the romantic wine country in France for spy couple Chuck & Sarah…and Casey.  Of course no mission can go smoothly, “The Balcony” was full of action, romance, deceit, goofiness and a good cool dose of Canadiana.

We love how Chuck and Sarah are progressing as a couple, and Sarah’s character is becoming so well rounded, she’s come a long way since season one. We loved her scene along with Morgan as she took the reigns over Operation Proposal by making a double agent out of Morgan. The woman’s got stature and knows how to use it.

“I thought you were someone deadly”

“I am someone deadly.”

We also loved Casey getting in on Morgan’s behind the scenes engineering of the “perfect moment”, and how he was finally the voice of reason who explained to Chuck that it’s not the perfect moment, but the perfect person.  We were however slightly disappointed with the lack of gruff violence from Casey tonight, but we have a feeling he’ll make up for it in the upcoming episodes.

“ Now the truth is there’s no such thing as a perfect moment, or a perfect spot.            So forget about the balcony, Bartowski. All you need’s the girl.”

Brilliant but Frustrating – rarely does anything, especially important things go smoothly in Chuck’s world so a simple proposal with a simple yes was simply out of the question. It was adorable watching Chuck and Sarah dancing around the question during the seemingly “mission of the week” as they quickly retrieved the chip from the baddie in France, but when they returned to Castle by the half hour mark we knew something had to be up.  Having General Redhead set Sarah up as a rogue agent to go undercover was an intriguing turn of events.  Weaving Chuck’s mother and Volkoff into a story that organically keeps Chuck and Sarah apart and without breaking them up was an excellent call.  We love that the writers created conflict in the relationship between Chuck and Sarah without creating a conflict between the two of them like a break up, or back and forth bickering.

The proposal is off. We can’t have it in an Italian restaurant.
Are you kidding me. What is she on like a no carb thing?

Our only complaints about tonight’s episode is that there was way too much Buy More. In the first season having the gang around was necessary, funny and charming, into the second season they gang of Buymoria seemed shoehorned in, but still occasionally entertaining. Halfway into season three having Jeff, Lester and the crew on screen brings the show to a grinding halt and leaves me wondering why we can’t have more time with Mr. and Mrs. Awesome.

We love the way the story is headed and can’t wait for more!

– H & S

Stay Tuned for What B thinks about “The Balcony”, Let us know what you think in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Chuck “The Balcony”

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