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“Under the Dome”: Watch Out, Ladies

***This post contains spoilers for Under the Dome up to and including the season 2 premiere. You know the drill, process with caution.** We enjoyed Under the Dome when it premiered last summer. The premise seemed just goofy enough to … Continue reading

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Defiance Season 2 Premiere “The Opposite of Hallelujah”

Defiance returns with its second season tonight (June 19th).  Nothing says summer like a solid sci-fi series with interesting drama, conflict and cool effects weeks to week, right? I generally find myself on the line with sci-fi series that contain actual … Continue reading

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I Want to Get in this “Lust for Love” Trailer

Jumping out of a blogging hiatus (life you guys!) to post about the newly released trailer for “Lust for Love”. This two minute trailer is like a wonderful Whedonverse buffet featuring all my fave dishes (actor-wise) whipped up into rom … Continue reading

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J on Why Laura Benanti’s Baroness Was the Best Character in The Sound of Music Live

I guess you could call me a purist.  Scratch that.  I am a purist. I have nurtured a loyal and passionate love for The Sound of Music since I was four years old. I’ve seen the stage play three times.  … Continue reading

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Agents of SHIELD Premiere Review – S Isn’t Totally sold on the pilot Episode, but Loves the Pilot

I avoided a lot of the pre-SHIELD hype because I wanted to be as fresh as possible for the big reveal. I think that was a wise choice. Many of the best aspects of the show were highlighted in the … Continue reading

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A List of Sci-Fi and Pop-Cultural Allusions & Borrowings in Defiance

H & S just sat down and watched the first episode of Defiance.There was one thing, or shall we say several things, that we couldn’t help but pick up on. That being the many many sci-fi and pop-cultural allusions and … Continue reading

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It all comes together in Once Upon a Time’s Season Finale: “A Land Without Magic”

Slaying a dragon, the Evil Queen taken down a peg, true love conquers all and Emma Swan finally believing in magic, the season finale has it all. Let me begin with telling you that I love this show, I know … Continue reading

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‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Mid-Season Review: Who is Torchwood Anyway?

I came into this season optimistic, believing that Starz and RTD could pull off a feat larger than the last. Instead I’ve found this season to be a disappointment coming off the emotional/action/alien powerhouse that was Children of Earth. I’ve … Continue reading

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Must See TV Trailers & Previews Released at Comic Con 2011

Previously Published by Sara (that’s me) at G33KPRON Nerds from around the world gathered in San Diego this past weekend for Comic Con. Amid all the madness, our favourite television shows had their panels and released juicy tidbits, trailers, previews … Continue reading

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True Blood “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?” Recap

This review was originally published on G33KPRON by Sara. Previously on True Blood: Eric bought Sookie’s house, has claimed her as his, then caught amnesia from necromancing witches. Bill’s past identity as punk is revealed as are his roots in … Continue reading

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