Haven “Speak No Evil”: Duke Exercises the Power of Denial

Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour in Haven "Speak No Evil"

Following “See No Evil”, which reoriented us into the world where Mara is back and the lighthouse has been destroyed for the umpteenth time, “Speak No Evil” does some heavy lifting setting up our main characters for the season.

Nathan is looking as badly as the make-up team can make Lucas Bryant look, having been shot and all. He’s suffering from a Mara inflicted bullet wound, and while that would be the thing hurting a normal person it’s the anguish of heartbreak that’s really causing Nathan’s pain. It’s likely that the only thing keeping him alive as he bleeds out on the beach is his unbreakable optimism that Audrey must be in there because she didn’t actually murder him. Continue reading

Haven Season 5 Premiere: “See No Evil”

Emily Rose as Mara in Haven Season 5 Premiere See No Evil

“See No Evil” is so many of the things I had hoped for as we gain Mara as the big bad this season.

While we’ve lost “Audrey” before, it’s never been like this. Mara not only removes Audrey from the equation, replacing her with a strong antagonist, but the fact that she is a part of Audrey ups the drama in the betrayal of her friends. Mara, finally free from being all locked up in the cage of do-gooders for 500 years, is so deliciously villainous.

Mara has more knowledge, more power, and as the “original” she may even hold a greater claim to Audrey (Mara’s?) body. For a show entering its fifth season, this completely flips the script, keeping the show fresh while playing within the parameters of this fantasy world. Continue reading

Tribute to the Real Bomb Girls in Scarborough


The Bomb Girls Facebook page brought to our attention a new mural paying tribute to the real Bomb Girls of WWII in Scarborough (Warden & St. Clair). Montreal based graffiti artist, Omen, worked in collaboration with StARToronto (Street Art TOronto) to create this mural paying homage to the women who worked in ammunitions, “bomb girls”, and the history of the Scarboro Junction and beautifying our fair city. Continue reading

MOAR Veronica Mars – Digital Spin Off Series “Play it Again Dick” Online Now

playitagain dick feature

We don’t usually re-post straight press releases – but here’s the thing. We’re excited to see more from the mind behind Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas). We want you to know where and when you can get it (CTV Extend, CW Seed, & Now). I’ve always enjoyed Ryan Hansen’s Dick Casablancas – a character who seemed to go out of his way to live us to his namesake. Maybe he’s not most upstanding character from Neptune, but isn’t the seediness of the series that kind of the point.

In case you were concerned, yes. Kristen Bell is a part of this. So keep reading for the details – I’m going to go get this series started.

Continue reading

Doctor Who’s “Listen” Has Us Believing Again

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who "Listen"

Don’t Blink. Don’t Breathe. Don’t Look. Just Listen.

In Capaldi’s fourth episode as Doctor, Steven Moffat managed to reach back and resist his worst tendencies and brought us the finely tuned, “Listen”. And I’m back on board, for now at least.

I recently wrote about my decision to lower my standards and learn to enjoy what Doctor Who has come to be. After “Deep Breath” (ugh), and “Into the Dalek” (fine) I wanted to at least like the show I once loved and continuing to hope for better felt more and more like a fool’s errand. I like Clara well enough – at least what Jenna Coleman does with her, and I’m enjoying what Peter Capaldi is bringing to the character. A different sort of scattered and well — unapologetically rude — and somehow both more and less human than his recent predecessors. So I keep watching.

Then “Listen” happened. I had heard mutterings around even cynical corners of the internet that “Listen” was truly a treat, even then I remained uncertain. But for once, I was not disappointed by the Doctor Who hype. Continue reading

Haven’s Lucas Bryant on Mara, Maple Syrup and Stan the Cop

HAVEN -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos -- (Photo by: Steven Wilkie/Syfy)

HAVEN — Season:5 — Pictured: Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos — (Photo by: Steven Wilkie/Syfy)

The Viewing Party had the chance to sit down with Haven’s Lucas Bryant at the Showcase offices in Toronto last month, while he was in town for Fan Expo Canada. We had some hard-hitting questions for him—all about Big Bad Mara, Nathan’s destructive devotion, Nova Scotia, pancake toppings, and our favourite Havenite—Stan the Cop. Continue reading

Lowering Expectations and Learning to Enjoy the latest Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 8 Peter Capaldi Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald)

Doctor Who has been very frustrating lately for well, lots of folks. We miss having solid story, more substance and less pizzazz (or lots of pizzazz as long as the substance is there too) and characters we can relate to. The days when companions were our guide into this world and not just ciphers who’s existence revolves around the Doctor. I’m down with total full out silliness, I just need structure, characters, something solid to guide us through the weird.

[**note: Noelle Stevenson @gingerhazing occasionally tweets brilliant criticisms of Doctor Who that are so spot on it hurts. She's great. Follow her.]

I loved this show, I want to keep loving this show. After watching the first two episodes of season 8, I actually quite like Capaldi, and I’m finding myself more interested in Clara now that she’s playing off him, and Danny Pink and even Journey Blue. Continue reading

Haven Season 5 Trailer & Why S is Jazzed to Meet Mara

Pictured: (l-r) Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Steven Wilkie/Syfy)

Pictured: (l-r) Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker — (Photo by: Steven Wilkie/Syfy)

Audrey Parker is the kick ass cynical, reluctant saviour we never knew we always wanted. We totally get the big-forever love thing happening with Audrey and Nathan and the crazy weird and interesting chemistry she has with Duke, and the even weirder complicated relationship she has with her own self, and her past. My heart breaks for Nathan (and Duke to a different extent) that Audrey continues to be out of their grasp. And we here at the Viewing Party, we quite like Audrey Parker.

That said, Continue reading

H’s Confession Time: an Outlander review

This post does contain some spoilers for the first two episodes of Starz’s Outlander, as well as some references to the events that take place in the book.


So first things first, I have to make a confession: I hated Outlander.

Perhaps a weird place to start for a post all about the brand new and long-anticipated Starz series, currently airing on Showcase in Canada (Sundays at 10 pm), but bear with me a while and I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Continue reading

Outlander Premiere: Claire Randall, Grown Ass Woman, Time Traveler

Outlander - CAITRIONA BALFE as Claire Randall

*** Notes and Spoiler Warning: S writes this post coming at Outlander cold. As in, not a book reader (We do have a book reader review for you too, right here). If you don’t know the premise of the show, then you’ll be spoiled for episode one, but really?!?! ***

If you’re going to take away one thing from the Outlander premiere, the thing that’s really going to carry you into the next episode, it’s Claire Randall, grown ass, actual adult woman. Claire was a combat nurse in WWII and is attempting to get back into the swing of civilian life on a second honeymoon with her husband in Scotland when a little exploration leads to some pretty major time travel.

If you need two things, there’s also the beauty of Jamie (played by actual Scotsman Sam Heughan), and the beauty of actual Scotland, the gorgeous landscape of which is showcased throughout the episode. Continue reading