Meet The Writers

Sara – She is determined to break the space-time continuum to allow for more hours in the week to watch all of her favourite TV shows while also living the rest of her life. She is pretty sure that it was the short lived “Firefly” that started her on the path of TV nerdery (thanks to the nudging of Jo & Heather). You can also find some of her tv writing over at G33KPRON. She also loves coffee & sushi …always sushi.
Follow her on twitter @janie_jones
B! – Enjoys kickboxing, gymnastics and being awesome. In his spare time he goes on adventures, the most recent being a safari followed by a light hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. His favourite colour is orange. Follow him on twitter @bradleyapowell
Heather – Has lived in Canada, New Zealand, and Scotland at various times of her life. She has a knack for knitting and historical references. She is a recent grad of museum studies at the iSchool in Toronto.  H’s least favourite colour is purple. H is colour blind.                                                                                                       Follow her on twitter @hjea
Jo – Has returned from her stint across the pond studying at Oxford. When not involved in her current academic pursuits, J enjoys long walks on the Thames, reading Victorian and fantasy novels, and watching Castle (among other things).  Her favourite colour is blue, though puce and chartreuse both run a close second.

One Response to Meet The Writers

  1. Sophie says:

    To be honest I thought me and my sister were the craziest fans but when we found others like us we were really happy to find this website because now we know we are not alone

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