Veronica Mars Movie: She Didn’t Have to Choose Piz But I Wish She Hadn’t Chosen That


Warning: this post contains spoilers from the Veronica Mars movie, but you really should have seen it by now. 

There are some characters that we relate to in a way that their struggles, heartbreak, and accomplishments feel real to us, like we’re watching and supporting a friend. Veronica Mars is one of those characters to me. It probably has something to do with her being a girl in high school (initially), and the age I was when I first watched it. I often feel this way about Buffy too.

The film is entirely based in going back, for the fans to this story we left years ago, for Veronica, returning to Neptune, the place that turned her life upside down, and like she said in her interview with Jamie Lee Curtis’s Gayle Buckley, getting in too deep cost her big time. Continue reading

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HAVEN Gets a Huge Fifth Season & We Have Feelings


**Fan disclaimer, we’re actually really, truly, thrilled that Haven has been renewed**

This is news that even around episode 10 of s4 we at The Viewing Party would have greeted with unabashed excitement and a 80-email-long thread of fan-girling plus a night of serious theorizing discussion.

Continue reading

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I Want to Get in this “Lust for Love” Trailer

Lust for Love Fran Kranz

Jumping out of a blogging hiatus (life you guys!) to post about the newly released trailer for “Lust for Love”. This two minute trailer is like a wonderful Whedonverse buffet featuring all my fave dishes (actor-wise) whipped up into rom com packaging by writer/director, Anton King.

More & trailer after the jump Continue reading

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J on Why Laura Benanti’s Baroness Was the Best Character in The Sound of Music Live

I guess you could call me a purist.  Scratch that.  I am a purist.

I have nurtured a loyal and passionate love for The Sound of Music since I was four years old.

I’ve seen the stage play three times.  I’ve seen the film more times than I can count.  I’ve researched Rodgers and Hammerstein’s creation of the musical.  My copy of Charmian Carr’s memoir is dog-eared from repeat readings (she played Liesl in the movie, and almost didn’t get cast because her eyes were too blue).  I’ve been to the Sing-Along Sound of Music three times and counting.  So yeah, The Sound of Music is one of my favourite things.

Naturally I was both excited and skeptical when I heard about The Sound of Music Live event on NBC.  After watching it, I have a lot of thoughts.

Continue reading

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Orphan Black is Back… April 19th

orphan-black-season-2-premiere-date tatiana maslany

Before we get too excited…just kidding, too late…

We got two tiny teasers for Orphan Black’s season 2 during the Doctor Who 50th special on Saturday. The show starring Tatiana Maslany x(5+?) is set to make its much anticipated return April 19th 2014. Shall we start the countdown now or….

…check out the trailers and let us know, how will you pass the time until April 19th? Continue reading

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Doctor Who 50th: S takes on “The Day of the Doctor”


If you’ve come looking for a review full of effusive praise for the episode, I’m sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not here to tear it down either. There were a lot of things in Day of the Doctor that worked for me, some that didn’t, and some ideas that may take a second viewing to sink in. I’m going to attempt to breakdown my personal experience of the episode, which to me makes the most sense since Doctor Who, perhaps more than any other show, becomes such a personal thing to people. I hope you also share with my your experience in the comments. Continue reading

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Haven 4×10 “The Trouble with Troubles” In Another World We’re Back to Normal

Haven "The Trouble with Troubles" Lucas Bryant Emily Rose Nathan and Audrey ParkerAfter William shook Haven to it’s core in last week’s eponymous episode that we decided might be the most uncomfortable episode of Haven ever, this week’s alternate reality was a welcome tonal shift from the intense, and very unHaven like uncanny vibe and overall intense weight that loomed over last week’s mythology heavy outing.

Not to say that “The Trouble with Troubles” was any kind of fluff, it too was rich with mythology and… pancakes ;) It was a return to a comfort zone tone of the show that we’re used to, even as we continue to explore the crumbling of the rules we’re been operating within up until this season. Continue reading

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Is Agent Coulson a Doll?

AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D  "The Well" Agent Coulson in TahitiDid I fall asleep?

For a little while.

Don’t tell me you can hear those words without hearing the words that defined the Dollhouse universe echo through your brain. Especially when the same writers are involved.

At this point we’re pretty sure Coulson’s not a robot, but maybe he’s a doll. Okay, I’m 99% sure they’re not going to bring the entire Dollhouse mythology into the Marvel Universe, but what if they bring in some of the technology and ideas that were sparked there? Wouldn’t that be neat?

At the very least – if we get Topher, or Fran Kranz in any capacity I’d be down.

What do you think about this blatant Dollhouse reference in regards to the Tahiti situation? 

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Ronald D. Moore’s “Helix” Premiere’s Jan 10th – Will you be watching with us?

We’ve been holding our Helix excitement on the back-burner since the show was announced a while back. Now that Showcase has officially announced a premiere date (Jan 10th y’all) and the show’s production is underway properly start to look forward to the next sci-fi offering from one of our favourites, Ronald D. Moore (also executive produced by Lynda Obst (Sleepless in Seattle, Contact), and Steven Maeda(LostThe X-Files).

The show, currently filming in Montreal (gotta love that Canadian spirit in our sci-fi) stars Battlestar and Caprica alum, Luciana Carro alongside Billy Campbell (The Killing) among others.

Check out the latest teaser and let us know, will you be watching with us when Helix premieres in 2014?

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Haven 4×09 “William” – The Most Uncomfortable Episode Ever?

Haven 4x09 William Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) William (Colin Ferguson)

We all watched this episode knowing that William’s return would surely shed some light on the show’s deeper mythology and damn – we got a serious dose of that.

What we didn’t expect was how far out of our Haven comfort zone “William” would take us. It took us a while to all process the episode, but the one thing we all shared with each other shortly after viewing was how strange it was, and how weird we felt while watching it. This wasn’t really a negative – it was more like – this was an episode of Haven that didn’t feel like the same experience as watching other episodes of Haven. Continue reading

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